Architectural & Building, Road & Rail, Aircraft, Construction, Resources, Industrial, and Air Quality Consulting Services

Information about these specific disciplines and some case studies can be found on the relevant pages.

Wilkinson Murray provides services for major projects and small developments and are proud of our ability to provide specialist advice relating to the more complex acoustical issues. To achieve this, we adopt a high level of technology in our analysis and modeling. Of prime importance is our ability to understand what each client wants to achieve, to assist in determining the ways of achieving that end and to interact with the whole team to ensure our input is communicated effectively.

We believe Wilkinson Murray is the only acoustic consultancy which ensures technical excellence by making sure all work is discussed and then peer reviewed by our technical manager, Rob Bullen. Rob’s understanding and approach to noise assessment is of the highest standard ensuring rigorous analysis and detail where necessary.

Using appropriate technology is also critical to deliver a premium service. Our laboratory is dominated by Bruel and Kjaer Sound Level Meters and data acquisition systems. We have over 25 noise loggers and also vibration monitoring equipment. There is much commercially available acoustic software for environmental noise and architectural acoustics which we utilise (CadnaA, ENM, SoundPlan, Predictor, Bose Modeller, CATT acoustics) but we have also developed our own software specific for use in Australia. (SoundScape, MoleRat, ROADent, BatchENM, NoiseWorks and BarnOwl) Some of these have been so successful they spawned a new business called SoundScience which develops acoustical technologies and bespoke monitoring systems.





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