Acoustic Products
SoundScience Pty Limited

Acoustical Products - Building
James Hardie
Pilkington Australia
Regupol Australia
Tontine Fibres

Acoustical Products - Fixtures & Fittings
Raven Products Pty Ltd
Schlegel Pty Ltd

Acoustical Products - Mechanical Services
Kinetics Noise Control

Government & Other Agencies
NSW Environment Protection Agency
NSW Department of Planning and Infrastructure
NSW Office of Environment and Heritage
NSW Roads and Maritime
Transport for NSW (Railcorp)
ABN Lookup
Bureau of Meteorology

American National Standards Institute
British Standards
SAI Global
Standards Australia

Reference Materials
NSW Road Noise Policy
NSW Rail Noise Policy
NSW Construction Noise

NSW Noise Policy for Industry (NPfI)
NSW Industrial Noise Policy (INP)
RTA Environmental Noise Management Manual (ENMM)

Acoustic Websites
Association of Australasian Acoustical Consultants (AAAC)
Australian Acoustical Society (AAS)
Acoustical Society of America (ASA)
UK Institute of Acoustics (IOA)
International Institute of Noise Control Engineering

Equipment & Software
Acoustic Research Labs (ARL)
Acu-Vib Electronics
Aeroqual Dust Monitors

Bruel & Kjaer
Instantel MiniMate
Integrated Noise Model (INM)
Nomis Seismograph
Stantron Australia
Tech Rentals
Texcel Instrumentation

Useful Information
Acoustics Glossary
City Sounds 2 - Acoustic Design Resource
Conversion Calculator
Encyclopeadia Brittanica
The Numbers (& Initials) of Acoustics
Webster Dictionary
World Time Server

Who Needs Your Help
Australian Red Cross
Cancer Council Australia
The Hunger Site





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