Manufacturing & Industrial Noise & Vibration

Manufacturing industry is often located relatively close to residential areas and the common 24-hour operation can readily result in noise impacts. Wilkinson Murray is able to predict likely noise impacts in advance of the development and advise on noise mitigation methods. The mitigation often involves the detailed design of industrial buildings and noise control modifications to specific items of plant.

bradford insulation


The noise parts of the EIS for the development of the Bradford Insulation Plant at Moorebank were originally prepared by Wilkinson Murray.

Detailed noise control design was then applied to the factory during the construction stage to ensure compliance with the Conditions of Consent. The Consent also required ongoing monitoring of the plant noise and this was also carried out by Wilkinson Murray.



Complaints of noise had been received by Shoalhaven Starches from residents located across the river from the plant. Wilkinson Murray carried out a detailed investigation of noise levels around the plant, identified the plant contributing to excessive noise levels and advised on noise mitigation measures for the plant.

hale street botany


This project is typical of a number of similar projects where approval is required for hours of operation and heavy vehicle routes to and from the development. The development in this case was for an industrial complex to house a number of independent companies, which required long operating hours and heavy vehicle movements.

Wilkinson Murray carried out noise measurements of typical operations, assessed the noise impact in the surrounding area and advised on the mitigation measures, including both engineering and management measures.





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