Custom Solutions

Maximise your efficiency and production capacity by allowing Wilkinson Murray to develop a cost effective monitoring system for your operation.

Whilst Wilkinson Murray primarily provides consulting services, our sister company SoundScience, specialises in proprietary noise and vibration monitoring systems. The technology used has been specifically tailored to other permanent monitoring applications outside the realm of classical acoustic consulting.

The flagship product is a technology known as BarnOwl, which is a real time, fully directional noise monitoring system. The patented technology is in the software of the system which has the ability to determine how much of the total noise is coming from each of 72 five degree segments. With this level of detail in the data you can reliably determine how much is "your" noise and how much is everyone elses.

Other monitoring systems fall under our SmartaData banner and include continuous noise, vibration and air quality monitoring at large urban construction sites. Applications for the rail industry include:

  • monitoring of supporting systems (such as grease pots, environmental parameters, structural deflections, etc)
  • wheel squeal monitors
  • corrugation detection monitors
  • groundborne noise monitors

Wilkinson Murray and SoundScience can provide the complete turnkey solution to any specialised monitoring need. This includes all components including low power hardware, data handling and archiving, and websites to display data. All design, testing, construction, and programming "in house" to ensure quality and cost efficiency.

friction modifier


An existing Top Of Rail Friction Modifier Application (TORFMA) system has been in service at numerous locations network wide. There was little to no feedback to engineers to ensure the unit was working successfully 100% of the time.

A custom system was developed consisting of low power (12V) monitoring board with a wide range of system inputs, a dedicated server to store data, provide email alerts, and a website for users to view the measured data and make system changes. Data is available from anywhere in the world via a secure VPN connection.

The system enabled engineers to troubleshoot suspected issues with reliable data collection. Ongoing data collection has proven invaluable by enabling optimisation of maintenance intervals and providing email warnings and alerts when system parameters exceed nominated trigger levels. This has reduced resident’s exposure to wheel squeal.

Barangaroo site

noise monitor microphone at residence



The Barangaroo site on the western edge of the Sydney CBD is overlooked by a mix of high rise commercial and residential receivers. Construction of all stages is expected to take the best part of a decade.

Lend Lease required an unattended noise monitoring system which could alert the site foreman in the event of unnacceptably high noise levels and also provide them with web based delivery of results and summary reports.

SoundScience developed a bespoke system from the ground up utilising proprietary acoustical components, customised power and communicatrions hardware and software written in house.






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